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Pyrideine series


Piperidine series


Pyrimidine series


Pyrazole Series


benzene series


Boronic acids series


indazole series


indole series


thiazole series


quinoline series


other series


    Changsha Luxing Bio-Chem Technology Co., Ltd.have one R&D center with experienced chemists.We have unique expertise and innovation in many area,but the limitless technology and custormer's diversity needs requires us to absorb more talents and Innovative thinking. so we insist on the Straddles "Bringing in and going out".
   "Bringing in", we have established good cooperation in the outsourcing business with a number of innovative research and development company. learn from each other and each other's needs. At the same time, and our colleges and universities and research institutes maintain close contact and good interaction, close to grasp the basis of dynamic technological innovation; In addition, our overseas expert advisory team also gave a great deal of information support. We also hope that the good you or your company can join us in the following areas:
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