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Pyrideine series


Piperidine series


Pyrimidine series


Pyrazole Series


benzene series


Boronic acids series


indazole series


indole series


thiazole series


quinoline series


other series


     Changsha Luxing Bio-Chem Technology Co., Ltd. located in International Innovation City of Yuhua was founded by senior chemists and marketing experts in early 2009 .Luxing is a specialty & fine chemical manufacturing company providing unique Building Block compounds, Pharmaceutical intermediates ,Natural extracts, Food additives, Water treatment chemicals, Electronic chemicals and etc.The main products of our company are

pyridines series,pyridimines series, Organic Boronic acids series

, benzene derivatives and so on.Meanwhile,Custom synthesis,process research & development and contract manufacturing are undertaken for clients in complete confidentiality by our kilolab,pilot scale and production facilities ..
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